Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Two New Children's Picture Books Launched by Diane Browne

 May is child's month in Jamaica and a good time to launch books for children. On Tuesday May 12, Diane Browne took advantage of this increased interest in children's books and launched two new picture books – Abigal's Glorious Hair and The Happiness Dress. Both books are available as ebooks but, as we know, many people still prefer to hold a book in their hands, so many were pleased to see these books in print.

The story, The Happiness Dress won the special prize for children's story in the Commonwealth Foundation competition in 2011. It is a charming story of the gift of a dress from home being an embarrassment to the immigrant adults, but a delight to the child recipient who wears the dress for a walk with her Dad and brings happiness to many of the neighbourhood immigrants she encounters. 

Abigal's Glorious Hair is a wonderful story about hair washing and combing-out day for a girl with a lot of 'poufy' hair. This is a special time for her family as they witness the hair combing ritual and use this opportunity to catch up on each other's activities. The story is full of love and the comfort of family time.

Both stories are enhanced by exceptionally delightful illustrations by Rachel Moss. They make good presents for children aged 3 to 8. Available in local bookstores and amazon kindle versions.
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