Monday, July 23, 2012

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Seems I need to make a list of my published books again, so here goes:
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I am the series editor for Carlong's Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series. There are nine books (including mine) in the series.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Delroy and the Marog Princess - A Good 'e'read

Short Description :
"Delroy believes he became a marog, a type of frog, when he was swept into an underground river in Jamaica. His resolve to forget that awful event is shattered when Rana, the Marog Princess, becomes a girl and appears in his village. After his goal to turn her into a marog fails, he realizes he’s falling in love with her. Now his greatest fear is that she will transform before he can win her heart."
This is a lively tale, follow-on to Delroy in the Marog Kingdom, published by Macmillan in their Island Fiction Series. When the story begins, Delroy is just settling back into his normal life with his mother, and his father's family including his half-brother, Mario. He is even doubting that he had been a marog  and experienced living with them - until the return of Tevon, a boy the villagers thought had been drowned six years earlier. Immediately Delroy recognizes him as the boy-turned-marog he had met in his previous adventures. When Rana turns up, he no longer doubts his memories, and must deal with the threat against her so that she can safely return to her father in the marog kingdom.

There are several twists and turns as Delroy finds out more about marog history and tries to save Rana from a dangerous marog turned human who wants to kill her. Interest is heightened by the budding romances between the teen characters.  The author also enriches the story with clever use of references to the Tainos from Jamaica's past and the folkloric, River Mumma.

This is a very good summer's read for the YA age group. Get your copy at:

Independent Schools

Listen tomorrow, July 4, to the radio launch of the Directory of Independent Schools on Power106, 10 am to 2:30pm.
The Directory is a comprehensive list with contact numbers for all 'private' schools in the island - from pre-schools to high schools to special schools for the gifted as well as the handicapped. Also vocational schools, including music, computer, nursing schools,etc.

It's a call in program , so join the conversation and air you views on the role of independent schools in our country and their contribution to development.