Thursday, January 19, 2012

Six Impossible Things

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I follow a number of interesting blogs, one of  which is Random Thoughts by Bish Denham, a children's writer. I was just reading her post on Alice in Wonderland- the movie

in which she says:
 the thing I took home with me, that will stay with me the longest, is this lesson from Alice: that she imagines at least six impossible things every day. And I thought, what a great writing prompt!
She lists her 6 impossible things and got me thinking about what I would choose,. so, here goes
Snow in Jamaica
Moving sidewalks- no more traffic
Self-repairing body parts
Knowledge injections - no more schooling
Thought travel -think of a place and you are there 
Peace on earth ( very tongue in cheek that)

Some of these are already in science fiction.

Share your 6 impossible things

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Underwater sculpture park in Grenada

What stories for children could you weave around these fantastic images?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Just wondering

I am just wondering how us older ones can keep up with the language nuances.I saw this as part of a newspaper report on how the people in our new New Prime Minister's constituency were celebrating her  swearing- in ceremony at Kings House

One young man summed up the optimism of the gathering by holding aloft a can of 'tin boom' (tin mackerel).

Now if I were to refer to tin boom in a children's story ???????????

Recently, I heard a young girl giving testimony at a church service and admitting to deliberately waiting on
'the music bus.' Our people language is very vibrant and fluid. While I immediately understand music bus, (the buses that play loud music and lewd songs, despite the law) I will have to ask somebody why tin boom.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I won a competition!

Me receiving the prize  at  Kingston Bookshop in Jamaica
Hope you have all started the new year on the right footing. I did.

I had forgotten that I had entered the competition on facebook to identify the author of the opening passage from a Caribbean book until I got a notice that I had won  the prize of £25 (book token) from Macmillan Caribbean books!

 The question was:
Which classic Caribbean novel opens with the following line?

‘The tongues in the lane clack-clack almost continuously, going up and down the full scale of human emotions, human folly, ignorance, suffering, viciousness, magnanimity, weakness, greatness, littleness, insufficiency, frailty, strength.’

The passage is from Roger Mais' classic story - Brother Man.

My book choices are

Time Swimmer by Gerald Hausman

The Chalice Project  by Lisa Allen-Agostini
(both from the Island Fiction series)

Brother Man by Roger Mais (to replace my lost copy)

The Girl with the Golden Shoes by Colin Channer

Thanks Macmillan

I wonder if this means I will have a good year winning competitions? LOL