Monday, May 21, 2012


Last week, I went to look at the illustrations for my upcoming children's book being published by LMH Publishing in Jamaica. They are verrrrrry interesting. It's a picture book for ages 6-8 about a dreggen named Drog, who lives in DreggaeLand. I will share a picture of Drog when I am allowed. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When are you going to publish my book?

I suppose that in  this modern age when every thing is instant - even publishing can be instant via 'e' publishing, it must be difficult for authors to understand that they have to wait to get a response from a publisher. And that publishing can take up to two years from date of submission ( I have had to wait longer). and that enquiry after two weeks will not hasten the procedure. New authors, especially, are often guilty of the overzealous request - for WHEN will I be published.

 'Attitude' does not help either, the threat to take the Ms elsewhere will not move your manuscript any faster through the process and might well turn off a prospective publisher of your story.

If you really can't wait, then go into epublishing. It's quick, low cost and gets you instant results.

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