Monday, February 16, 2015

Lignum Vitae Writing Awards (Jamaica) announced

Popular Vic Reid book

Una Marson selected poems

popular Jean D'Costa book

So, a revised version of the literary competition formerly hosted by the National Book Council of Jamaica has been launched. The Lignum Vitae Writing Awards has been announced. (See Diane Browne's blog post at

There are three sections: the Una Marson Award for adult literature, The Vic Reid award for YA literature and the Jean D'Costa Award for children's literature.

I hope there are many writers both aspiring and already established who will enter their work for these awards.

Many competitions nowadays specify that they are for emergent writers. While it is desirable to encourage new writers, competitions also allow those who might already have been published access to discovery of their new material as well as compensation which many older writers welcome.

 The prizes for the Lignum Vitae competition are attractive. The Una Marson Award winner will receive $500,000; while the winners of the Vic Reid and Jean D’Costa awards will each receive $250,000.

Good writing is good writing whether it is coming from old or new authors. And that is what we need. So, authors, start writing with this in mind or brush up already existing material. I am excited to see what turns up.

The deadline for submissions is June 30 and the awards will be held in October 2015

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My collections of short stories Ramgoat Dashalong won the Vic Reid Award in 1997

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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