Friday, April 30, 2010

What marks a children's book as Caribbean?

I have a question today. Apart from settting, what marks a children's book as Caribbean? Is there anything that distinguishes our writing from children's books elsewhere?
Could it be the images of a boy on a donkey? calypso, carnivals/festivals, Jon kunnu, our various ghosts/duppies and folk creatures, Anansi stories, sun, sea and sand - You can add to this list. Are we limited to these images? More on this later. Meanwhile check Diane Brown's blog at

Friday, April 16, 2010


I am looking for a group/company/individual to sponsor the purchase of copies of my book Bernie and the Captain's Ghost to give to schools for the handicapped and children's homes here in Jamaica. This adventure story is about a group of orphaned handicapped children getting involved in a mystery/adventure which leads to a better life for them. I believe it is empowering for handicapped children since they are rarely the heroes of story books. Here's a comment from a librarian
"This children's story is well-written.The suspense is captivating and the plot realistic. It is a true-to- life mystery that the reader himself is eager to solve. Thank you for this delightful addition to our special collections."
Scroll down this blog to see a description of the book
contact publisher Carlong Publishers(Caribbean )Ltd.
Tel 876-9609366#2
OR email me at
The cost is US$9.85
Jamaican link

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Support Caribbean Children's Books

Okay - so I'm shamelessly using this blog to promote my Caribbean children's books(and some other Jamaican books). No apologies. How else you going to hear about them? There is not a lot of interest in purchasing Caribbean children's books.Text books aside, sales are sluggish. (Lots of knotty reasons for this) Even the diaspora doesn't support Caribbean children's books. Many persons abroad, conscious of the need for reading material in our schools, collect books and send to the islands- bless them. But, it would be nice if they would collect some funds for purchasing local books produced in the islands- supporting both our culture and our writers. Don't get me wrong - We need the foreign books, but our writers need a well deserved break too. And the children need to see more of themselves in printed material. so, what about it? Buy a book, nuh!

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