Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reader review of Mr King's Daughter

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jack Mandora, mi nuh choose none! September 7, 2013
By Yaz
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Very well written! The imagery was incredible and I could immediately see this on HBO: Happily Ever After fairy tale series. The story was beautifully told and was written for any reader to jump into the pages. I laughed, I felt sorry for Simone in her prison and happy when she found success, and anger towards Cock Chicken (appropriately named). I quietly rooted for Clinton and I even empathized with Mr. King's dilemma of wanting to protect his daughter, but also wanting her to be happy. He really meant well...

I would recommend readers from all age groups.

I love how Campbell was able to take us to 'country' and then bring us back to 'town' (Twitter and these TV reality singing shows) I hope really she finds a way to put this into production! I'd love to see this in action...and that ginnal anansi bwoy Cock Chicken!

A new fairy tale awaits inside "Mr. King's Daughter."
Mr King's Daughter

Jack Mandora, mi nuh choose

Monday, September 2, 2013

Another excerpt from Mr.King's Daughter

Here's another excerpt from my new ebook  Mr King's Daughter  - A modern folktale 

What a buzz of excitement filled the village! People began to gather at Mr. King’s enormous iron gate from early on the first Monday morning to see the young men who had got invitations to try to make Simone laugh.
It promised to be the best fun for the year, just like a reality show on cable. In no time at all, jerk pan, bag juice, drinks, cigarettes and other aids to entertainment materialized on the roadway leading to the King's gate.
The young men had to walk from the gate up the long driveway, so that Mr. King could watch them and get an idea of what they were like. Each was given half an hour to try to make Simone laugh.The crowd surveying the suitors got their bellyful of laughter.
“A whe him a go! Look how him head big and round like Mandora coconut."
“Coo dere! Jonkunnu a come!”
“Ah like you hairstyle, man. Dat alone mus mek Simone laugh.”
“Massi mi Massa. Is a duppy dat?”
The men, with Mr. King’s fortune on their minds, ignored these and other insulting remarks.
The crowd hissed and booed them when they returned to the gate looking dejected, because they had not made Simone laugh.'  

It's an entertaining read, folks. Get a copy