Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caribbean children's books - As we enter 2011

One of my new year’s resolutions is to try to catch up on the technology as it relates to books, their promotion and sales. Thankfully, in 2010 Caribbean publishers began to be more aware of the possibilities of e-publishing and using the Internet for promotion and sales.  Frankly, as a writer, I am looking forward to increased royalties from this new thrust.

One of the ways of keeping up with the changes is to subscribe to newsletters and blogs which give information on what is happening. Everybody seems to have a blog these days  - publishers, agents, writers- you name it: OR/AND they are on Facebook and Twitter ( among other social media). Information overload!!!! One has to choose carefully which to follow.

A very useful newsletter I subscribed to in 2010 is publishing perspectives. com. The articles update the reader on activities and trends in the publishing industry - worldwide.

Here’s a teaser from this page
Imagine the future of books not as physical objects, but as relational databases…
  • Autobiographies, written in semi-real-time as the authors live their lives
  • Massively multi-reader “Choose Your Own Adventure”-like role-playing books where everyone’s choices shape the story
  • Serialized novels, like David Copperfield, only infinite and with alternate story lines
  • Recipe books that keep growing and puzzle books that always have more puzzles
  • Multimedia automobile manuals that self-update by pushing recall warnings and maintenance reminders out to you and to mechanics around the world, who then share their fix-it tips with each other and with everyone else
  • Textbooks where student annotations, highlights, and notes are more valuable than the original text, so much so that students can monetize their contributions
  • Series of technical books built with shared chapters: an update to a chapter in one book automatically updates every book in which that chapter appears
I am fascinated by the possibilities for the future of writing. What do you think?

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Thanks for reading my blog in 2010A happy and prosperous new year to all
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