Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anything is possible

Anansi Reading by Shannon

Advice to my writing class: If you are going to write for children, successfully, you need to recapture that sense of the newness and wonder of things. The world might be old but a child is new to it and anything is possible.

There’s an ad running on television which tickles me every time I see it. I am not advertising the product, but in essence, the ad shows two young girls watching their mother put cream on her face. They ask her why, and she explains that it makes her look younger. They ask if it really works and she assures them it does.
Cut to the girls plastering the face of their sleeping grandfather with the cream. One says “ He’s going to look so young  when he wakes up." The other agrees “ He’ll look like a baby.”

ANYTHING is possible to the young..

So, release your imagination

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