Monday, March 19, 2012

Writer's Reward

Ages 8-12

I haven't been posting for some time. I must confess that writing for adults has seduced me away from writing for children for a bit. All writers know that you have to follow  the muse where she leads. She has a mean kick if you resist.

Anyway, on Saturday, March 17, it was book fair day in Kingston at Emancipation Park. Many children and parents turned out to look and buy books As I sat in the  Carlong booth, I was pleased to see that some of the children had already read at least one of my books published by Carlong in the Sand Pebbles Pleasure series for ages 8 -14.

One boy, when he heard that I was the author of Miss Bettina's House, came over to speak to me. We chatted a bit about the story and in leaving he turned back to add: 'You know what I find funny? Animals adopting a boy. I really laughed at that.' That was my reward for the day.

Also Miss Bettina's House was featured on a children's program, Kids Say, on local station TVJ. The host, Suzanne, read a portion on the book to some very alert youngsters and I was interviewed by a nine year old. Rewarding Saturday.

Catch the repeat showing of Kids Say on Wednesday 21st on TVJ at 4:30 pm

I'll see if it is possible to get the video for posting.
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