Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Remember books for the Xmas gift list

Just a reminder to add books as gifts for children - even if they are not too thrilled about this. You will be encouraging the reading habit.

Short list My recommendations (self-interest obvious) for the 8-12 age group.
Please note you may have to ask the booksellers to order. They notoriously do not push local books. (especially fiction for children)

Hazel D. Campbell

Tilly Bummie  short stories about life in country (rural area) and Kingston as it used to be

Ramgoat Dashalong  Short stories  - all with a touch of Jamaican magic.

Juicebox and Scandal  Short stories on the environmental theme adventure and fun

A Goatboy Never Cries Chapter book with a family story about a quaint pet.

These four available from LMH publishing company  website: https://www.lmhpublishing.com/children

Check all the pages with children's books. You doubtless will find other titles you like.

Miss Bettina's House Chapter book fantasy in which farm animals adopt a homeless boy.

Bernie and the Captain's Ghost  A novel featuring handicapped children in a high interest mystery/adventure.

These two available from Carlong Publisher's (Caribbean ) Ltd. website.
There are other books on the site which you may like

 Diane Browne

Every Little Thing Will Be All Right  Delightful contemporary short stories, each with a survival/solving problems theme

Island Princess in Brooklyn A novel showing the good as well as the challenging aspects of migration for a teen.

Also available from Carlong  Publisher (Caribbean) Ltd website

Also by Diane Browne

The Ring and the Roaring Water  A novel with a time travel adventure for two sisters.   email mdianebrowne@yahoo.com

I don't know how popular a gift of an ebook would be. You would have to know if the child has access to an ereader.
However you might like to check Amazon Kindle books for titles by Helen Williams (Delroy and the Marog Princess) and books by Geoffrey Philp

 Okay that's just to get you started. There are many books by other local authors for this age group (8-12/14 years) as well as for younger children. Do a search for Jamaican Children's Story Books. We authors need your support.

Happy Christmas

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