Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shiney is Missing - 3 Jamaican Musketeers

Here's an extract for my children's ebook (Easy reader Grades 4 to 6) Shiney is Missing first of the Three Jamaican Musketeers series.

Darty has forced himself on Porty, Atty and Ram as the fourth musketeer. They are waiting for him to join them on their night mission to solve the mysterious happenings at their school.

Porty, Atty and Ram stood at the corner not far from their school. The street light there was not working, so it was a bit dark and a good place to wait without being seen. But it was getting late and they were wondering if they should wait for Darty

"After all him big talk, perhaps him couldn’t get away," Atty said.

"Give him a few more minutes then we will start the plan," Porty said.

"I don't like it," Ram complained.

"We know!" Porty and Atty said at the same time. They were feeling nervous and didn't want to hear Ram with his constant complaining.

"Him coming," Atty said. A strange looking figure was walking towards them.

"Boy, is what you wearing?" Porty asked. They stared at Darty. Even though it was a bit dark they could see that he was oddly dressed.

"The musketeers always dress up," Darty answered. 

"You look like a idiot," Ram said.

Porty and Atty couldn't help snickering. Darty was wearing a felt hat which was too big for him. He had on jeans and he had stuffed the legs into  high top sneakers and …

"Is you sister blouse you borrow?" Porty asked. 

The three musketeers held their heads as they tried not to laugh loudly.

"I borrowed this from the costume room at school, Okay?" Darty said. He didn’t mind their laughter. "No harm in looking the part."

His striped shirt looked more like a long sleeved lady's blouse with lacy frills around the neck and at the wrists. Jutting out from his waist was what looked like a piece of wood.

"The musketeers carried swords," he explained when they asked him what that was.

"Me not playing no part looking so," Ram said.

"Come," Porty said. "Time to go . . . If you can see where you going," he added. The felt hat kept falling over Darty's eyes and sent them into another round of laughter.'

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