Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is Anancy mek it happen

In Anancy stories, the King, who was always looking for a fitting suitor to marry his daughter, would set difficult, almost impossible tasks, with the promise that the young man who overcame them would get to marry his daughter.

     In this story, wealthy Mr King decides to adopt this Anancy approach to find the right husband for his sad, lonely daughter who he keeps almost in prison in their mansion in the village. But he forgot that it is Anancy the trickster who was always the winner of the princess's hand.

     Mr. King announces that the first young man who could make Simone laugh would marry her and inherit his fortune.

     Many young men try, but Simone remains sad and forlorn until Cock Chicken, an upcoming  DJ, sings for her and gets her to laugh.
     But he doesn't turn up on the day of the wedding.

     How will Simone face this new disappointment? Can she continue live with her misguided father? Find out how she makes a life for herself and eventually finds her true love.

A coming of age Jamaican YA story

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