Monday, August 29, 2016

My ebooks for children on amazon

ebooks can be read on your computer or phone by downloading a FREE app from amazon

 Take a 'look inside' my ebooks for children on amazon. Enjoy reading with your children


 It's Just a Play, Sasha

 A sort of Red Riding Hood story 


Whitni and Bondi, the Pirate Genie

A genie washes up on a Jamaican beach  - and meets his match in eight- year- old Whitni


Shiney is Missing: Porty, Atty, Ram & Darty (4 Jamaican Musketeers)


Three schoolboy musketeers, Porty, Atty, and Ram are joined by a very irritating fourth boy they call Darty as they set out to find the missing girl, Shiney

 ENJOY with your children


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