Friday, November 18, 2016

Update on writing fantasy for our children

The joyful thing about fantasy is that there is no limitation on your imagination.


There are no new stories, just different ways to tell them!
For example, as enchanting as some of our Jamaican River Mumma stories are, perhaps she could do with an update. What if she had hair extensions or Rasta locks and a name change to Sista Tall Hair?  What could happen  when, intrigued by dance hall music, she wants to come on land to dance (sounds a bit familiar?) What other characters would you put in that story? Would she go online to a search engine to find out how to change to human form? Or how to dance with a fishtail? Or start her own dancehall sessions on the reef?

What if our Cinderella (new name) falls in love with the prince who is the son of King Dudus? The glass slipper might be a lost cell phone instead! –  "Call to be picked up at 12 o'clock", but her credit was stolen by the jealous sisters! ( The I-Twos!!)  The ball of course would be a dancehall session. What adventures would she have? And could she influence change in the 'kingdom'?

There are no new stories, just different ways to tell them!

These three ebooks make an attempt at this. Check them and tell me what you think.

What if a genie washed up on a Jamaican beach in a shell instead of a bottle?

 Here are the adventures of three Jamaican musketeers. Make that four musketeers when Darty joins them. 

 The school play adapted from the story of Red Riding Hood becomes real life for Sasha with strange consequences.

This story of Mr King's Daughter has its genesis in an Anancy/Anansi story.
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