Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I won a competition!

Me receiving the prize  at  Kingston Bookshop in Jamaica
Hope you have all started the new year on the right footing. I did.

I had forgotten that I had entered the competition on facebook to identify the author of the opening passage from a Caribbean book until I got a notice that I had won  the prize of £25 (book token) from Macmillan Caribbean books!

 The question was:
Which classic Caribbean novel opens with the following line?

‘The tongues in the lane clack-clack almost continuously, going up and down the full scale of human emotions, human folly, ignorance, suffering, viciousness, magnanimity, weakness, greatness, littleness, insufficiency, frailty, strength.’

The passage is from Roger Mais' classic story - Brother Man.

My book choices are

Time Swimmer by Gerald Hausman

The Chalice Project  by Lisa Allen-Agostini
(both from the Island Fiction series)

Brother Man by Roger Mais (to replace my lost copy)

The Girl with the Golden Shoes by Colin Channer

Thanks Macmillan

I wonder if this means I will have a good year winning competitions? LOL

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