Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Available ebook - Mr King's Daughter
This story, a pseudo - folktale (a la Anansi story), is more at the YA level.I was thinking about an Anansi story and this slowly began to emerge and split in two - Part one is reminiscent of a folk tale and part two segues into modern times. A bit of an experiment. It is now available on amazon as an ebook

Simone is the isolated daughter of wealthy Mr. King. They live in rural Jamaica. Simone is lonely, very unhappy and never smiles. Her father who would like to see her happy thinks that maybe she should get married, but he is fearful that some man might marry her only for her inheritance. He decides to have a contest. The man who makes her smile can have her hand in marriage.He intends to vet the contestants so that no unsuitable man would be in the runnings.

Of course, among many other suitors is an Anansi type who does get her to laugh and a wedding is arranged. However, the wedding falls through and Simone runs away to the big city where after several adventures she meets her true love.

My granddaughter designed the cover, and the Anansi reading on the title page

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