Thursday, August 29, 2013

Excerpt from Mr.King's Daughter

Here's an excerpt from Mr. Kings' Daughter my new ebook It's a modern folktale. Take a look inside on amazon

  '"I want my princess to be happy, so the young man who can make my daughter laugh will get her hand in marriage." He gleefully announced his plan to Miss G, who didn’t need any urging to spread the news. In no time at all, all the villages around were buzzing with the news that Mr. King would give his daughter in marriage to the first young man who could make her laugh.
   Excitement broke out when the news spread. The young men in Hopeful Village and surrounding areas began to spruce up themselves. You should see them! Some got special haircuts the sight of which would make an ordinary girl collapse with laughter — bumps and curls and plaits and shaved head — separate and mixed. Special clothes fit for clowns or old time jesters were made. They went around practising big boy jokes on anybody who would listen. Some even went to the nearest town to check the Internet. The owner of the site must have wondered about the sudden increase in daily hits.'
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