Sunday, December 7, 2014

Diane Browne's two new ebooks on amazon

  The Ring and the Roaring Water

Age range  10 to 14 years

Diane Browne has just published as ebooks on Amazon the first two books in her Time Mill Adventure series. Their titles are – A Tumbling World… A Time of Fire and The Ring and the Roaring Water. Both books are in the historical sci-fi genre as the protagonists travel through time in a machine dubbed the Time Mill.
Vanessa and Kerry two early teen girls are sent to spend their summer holiday in a rural area of Jamaica with their Uncle George and Aunt Edith. What started off as a boring holiday turns out very differently when they discover that Uncle George, who they think is an unsuccessful scientist, has actually built a time machine (the Time Mill)  which actually works. 

They agree to test the machine, and in the first of the adventures, in A Tumbling World … A Time of Fire, they are taken back to the past when a devastating earthquake struck the city of Kingston in 1907. How they survive the dangers of that experience and manage to return to their own time makes very interesting reading.

In the second book, The Ring and the Roaring Water, they once again enter the Time Mill, this time to go back to try to solve the mystery of a lost ring which had created a rift between the families of both Uncle George and Aunt Edith. The lost ring has turned up in present time in a desk in their room, but someone in past time had been accused of stealing it and somehow Aunt Edith was involved. The girls feel they that if they can find out the truth of what happened, they can relieve Aunt Edith of the blame she has carried for a long time.
The Time Mill takes them back to the onslaught of Hurricane Charlie, a devastating hurricane which did a lot of damage to Jamaica in 1951. They meet a family of strange children and experience several terrifying events as they, along with the family, struggle to survive the hurricane. Eventually they find out the truth of the lost ring and return to their own time.
The settings in Past Time in both books breathe life into these two important historical events for the reader. Vanessa and Kerry are lively teenagers, and the people they meet in the past are quaint, fascinating, helpful, sinister – a full range of characters who pull the reader into the stories.
At the end of the books, writer Diane Browne explains her interest in the two historical events and what she did to ascertain their accuracy even while writing fiction.
We don’t often get stories in the sci-fi genre coming out of Jamaica. Making the time machine resemble an old sugar mill is a bit of creative genius as that, in itself, links it to our history.
These stories grab and keep the readers interest. I look forward to the next book in this series as Vanessa and Kerry continue their adventures via the Time Mill.

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  The Ring and the Roaring Water

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