Saturday, December 20, 2014

How can Ashton run so fast?-Faster than USAIN BOLT?

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Extract from  Ash the Flash

"Kenroy was the first to spot the very mysterious green bottle sitting inside one of the  cupboards. The glass door of the cupboard was dusty, but he could see that it was about the size of a small ketchup bottle, partially covered in cobwebs. The top was small and the bottom jutted out like whatever was inside was causing the plastic to bulge. Kenroy rattled the cupboard a little and whistled with delight as the door easily creaked open.

“Hey Ash! Guess who just found Aladdin’s Magic Lamp?”

Ashton was across the room, busy looking at tripods, old Bunsen burners and other junk strewn all over the musty room. Kenroy examined the strange bottle, it didn’t have a label like most of the other vials and jars in the lab, and he couldn’t see what was inside it.

As Ashton came over to have a look, Kenroy began shaking the bottle vigorously. Then he started laughing like a maniac, like he’d seen mad scientists do on television shows do. Ashton jumped back, knocking over a small skeleton that had an arm and a few ribs missing.

“See what you made me do? Careful with that!” he cautioned as he picked up the skeleton. “You know Uncle Norman told us not to touch anything.” With a silly grin on his face Kenroy crept closer to Ashton, still shaking the bottle and laughing crazily."

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