Thursday, January 14, 2010


My heart bleeds for Haiti. In 1987,David Rudder,Trinidadian calypso/soca singer came out with a song 'Haiti I'm sorry' It's a powerful piece. I wrote a story inspired by that song. You can read it in my book of short stories entitled Singerman. It's not a children's book but it makes good reading Available from Peepal Tree Press at

Here's the first verse of Rudder's 'Haiti'

Toussaint was a mighty man
And to make matters worse he was black
Black back in the days when blackmen knew
their place was in the back
But this rebel he walked through Napoleon
Who thought that wasn't very nice
And so today my brothers in Haiti
They still pay the price

Haiti I'm sorry
We've misunderstood you
One day we'll turn our heads
and look inside you
Haiti I'm sorry
One day we'll turn our heads
Restore your glory

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