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More Caribbean Children's books from Jamaica

The Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series, developed by Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited, aims to provide children with entertaining reading material featuring Caribbean situations. The series focuses on fiction and biographies, and includes collections of short stories, chapter books and novels.

 Books in the series

Every Little Thing Will Be All Right by Diane Browne
- BIAJ Best Children’s Book award, 2004
Five entertaining stories about boys and girls who have to find
resourceful ways of solving the special challenges which they face.

Jojo’s Treasure Hunt by Cherryl Shelley-Robinson
 –  BIAJ Best Children’s Book award, 2004
Twelve-year-old Jojo is determined to find a Spanish jar full of
treasure which will prevent his family losing their home. But, he
is afraid of the mid-night ghost.

Freedom Come by Jean Goulbourne
These five memorable stories recapture the exciting experiences
of children who lived in Jamaica as Tainos, slaves and buccaneers.

Miss Bettina’s House by Hazel D.Campbell
–BIAJ Best Children’s Book Cover award, 2006
Miss Bettina’s abandoned animals invite a homeless boy, Ernest,
to take care of them. But, they have to find a way to outwit the
dangerous rascal, Curry Dan, who wants to capture Miss Bettina's house.

Jenny and the General by Jean D’Costa
– BIAJ Best Children’s Book award, 2006
Ten-year-old Jenny is in trouble. Only her old pet Alsatian dog senses
the danger. He sets out to rescue her. Can he reach her in time?

 Little Island-Big Adventures by Maria Roberts Squires 
 – Best Children’s Book Cover award, 2009
Sara-Ann and her best friend Ruben get up to a lot of antics during
their last school year on their beloved island home on a tiny Grenadine
island in the Eastern Caribbean

Tek Mi! Noh Tek Mi! Caribbean Folktales 
ed Hazel D. Campbell
Eight authors from across the CARICOM region relate
ten unusual folktales originating in their countries. Accompanied
by two audio CDs

  Bernie and the Captain’s Ghost by Hazel D.Campbell
BIAJ Best Children's Chapter Book 2011

Six orphans are invited to spend their summer holiday in a
rural part of Jamaica. There they encounter an adventure which
challenges their physical and mental capabilities. Bernie, the main
character doesn’t allow his physical handicap to deter him from
solving the mystery of the Captain’s Ghost

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by Diane Browne 

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