Friday, January 29, 2010

New Caribbean Children's Book -A Goatboy Never Cries

This is my new Caribbean Chapter book for children ages 8-10. Colour illustrations
Published by LMH PUblishing Co in Jamaica in December 2009

Johnny gets a quaint pet, 'Gringo' which changes his plans for
summer holidays in surprising ways. Jillian , his sister,
tells the story of that strange summer with Gringo.

Here's an extract from A GOATBOY NEVER CRIES by Hazel D. Campbell
At first, Johnny's new friends ridiculed him. His new name was'goatboy'.
I thought it was a stupid name, but, I suppose, if there were 'cowboys'
to take care of cows, there could be 'goatboys' to take care of goats
and 'pigboys' to take care of pigs and so on. However, I don't think
I would like anyody to call me a 'chicken girl' OR WORSE, a 'fowl girl'.

available from LMH Publishing ltd
Tel:876 938-0005
Fax: 876- 759-8752

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