Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Both Miss Bettina's House by Hazel D. Campbell and Jenny and the General by Jean D'Costa, chapter books for the 8 to 10 age range, were published by Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Ltd as part of the Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series in 2004 and 2006

   Both books have been well received by the children. I was happy about the feedback on Miss Bettina's House. One boy said, "You know what made me laugh? Animals adopting the boy."

A mother said, "I started reading it with my 7 year-old and when I had to stop to do chores, she wouldn't put it down until she was finished."

   Miss Bettina's House is a fantasy in which the abandoned animals on Miss Bettina's farm have to find a way to get someone to take care of them and to protect the farm from being taken over by the village vagabond, Curry Dan. There are both humorous and slightly scary scenes.

   Jenny and the General is also about animals. This time it is Jenny's pet Alsatian dog who is the only one to realize that Jenny has been kidnapped and goes to find her. This story illustrates the bonds of love and loyalty that can develop between a dog and its owner. It also has humorous characters. 

   The books can be sourced at Sangsters Book Stores or online at

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