Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My books for children - Quick reference

My children's books with links

Miss Bettina's House

Miss Bettina's abandoned animals need to find someone to take care of them and protect them from the village rascal who wants to steal her house. 


 Bernie and the Captain's Ghost 

Six orphans are invited to spend their summer holiday in a rural part of Jamaica. There they encounter an adventure which challenges their physical and mental capabilities.


Ash the Flash

How can Ashton run faster than Usain Bolt?

A Goatboy Never Cries 

Johnny gets a quaint pet ‘Gringo’, which changes his plans for the summer holidays in surprising ways.


Drog A Dreggen Story book1

Drog is a Jamaican dreggen. He lives in Dreggae Land and can speak only in rhyme. When Shannon and Grandma visit him he has a big lump on his head.Can they help him?


Juice Box and Scandal

Juicebox and Scandal is a collection of three exciting stories on the environment featuring colourful Jamaican characters and scenarios


Ramgoat Dashalong

RAMGOAT DASHALONG is the name of a 'bush' used to make tea in Jamaica. The title story in this magical collection of stories, it is pure exciting fantasy.

Tilly Bummie
Jamaican stories from country life and city life, drawn on the author’s experiences and the child. 


 My Ebooks for children

Follow the Peacock 

A new maze with the odd name of 'The Curious Labyrinth' has opened in the children's park. Jodi and Phillip sample its challenges which are strange enough to make Jodi exclaim, "Nothing else will ever frighten me again!" 









 Whitni and Bondi, the Pirate Genie

Whitni is on holiday with her Mom at a beach cottage in Jamaica. While walking on the beach she discovers an unusual looking shell and takes it home. She puts the shell to her ear to listen to the ocean, but, instead of the ocean, she hears a voice saying, 'Sing to me"








  It's Just a Play, Sasha

Sasha gets the part of Red Riding Hood in her school play, but she is a very imaginative girl and the details of the play begin to intrude on her real life and create a bit of confusion for herself and others in her village..

Shiney is Missing

Shiney is missing. Has she run away or been kidnapped? Unknown intruders are preying on their school canteen and computer lab at nights. Is there a connection? The three 7th grade Jamaican musketeers, Porty, Atty, and Ram set out to solve these mysteries.....along with Darty, a fourth very amusing character.

For Young Adult Readers

Mr. King's Daughter
An Anancy story with a YA twist. Wealthy Mr. King is the richest man in his village. But his daughter is very unhappy. He thinks getting a husband will make her happy and devises a nutty plan to find the right man.

Rocky Road
The teen years are rocky enough without the added temptations of drugs and criminal friends, as Ricky, Jason and Collette find out in this YA story


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