Thursday, September 10, 2015

New children's story on amazon

New children's story on amazon
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Sasha gets the part of Red Riding Hood in her school play, but she is a very imaginative girl and the details of the play begin to intrude on her real life. When her mother sends her to take dinner for Mama Esther, the oldest woman in her village, things get a bit complicated, as what she thinks is a wolf demands that she give him the food. Sasha's s reaction sets off a chain of events which lead to a happy ending after all. But when things calm down, her mother has to remind her."It's just a play. Sasha."

 Sasha is not so sure about this.


"Sasha hastily gulped down her dinner and set out with the food carrier. What her mother said was true. She would have to walk fast as she didn’t want dusk to catch her on the lonely road.
She was very happy that when she reached Mr. Nettie's yard the dogs were not out. She immediately felt better and began to swing the carrier as she walked. Then she remembered the song in the play and began to hum it. Then, since nobody else was on the road, she began to sing out loud and do the dance she would do in the play.

I'm on my way to grandma's house
With special food for her to eat
There's chicken and rice and peas so sweet
Veges and cake for a grand dessert.

She twirled around and swung the carrier the way she had to do it on stage, then she sang the song again. It was at this point in the play that the wolf started to follow her on the stage.

Sasha didn't feel so safe anymore. She looked around fearfully. The bushes on either side of the country road began to look like large forest trees. Why was it suddenly getting so dark? Was that something following her in the bushes? 

"That's a very nice song," a voice said. "'Do the dance for me again, nuh."
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